Aloha India Churns out a woman doctorate

The impact of abacus learning of mental arithmetic on the cognitive abilities of children

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand the mental capability horizon of children through mental arithmetic, Aloha India is proud to announce the Ph.D degree (Doctor of Philosophy) being conferred on Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan (a trainer and member of Aloha India’s mental arithmetic academic panel) – being the first woman in the world to be conferred a Ph.D on “The impact of abacus learning of mental arithmetic on cognitive abilities of children”.

Aloha India had extended all support to her in her pursuit of doing her Ph.D. Now the world association of abacus and mental arithmetic (WAAMA) in China has invited her to participate and present her paper based on her thesis at “The academic exchange seminar on the abacus and mental arithmetic”, to be held in Shenzhen, China from August 18th. Aloha India on its behalf and on behalf of the massive Aloha family (spread across the length and breadth of India ) congratulates and wishes Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan all the best.

vasuki mathivanan

Work – Life Balance Help Desk

As people spend a large part of their time at work, the workplace is a crucial setting for action.

Work-Life Balance Help Desk is a unique service provided by Dr.Vasuki Mathivanan, Counselling psychologist. In order to strike a balance between personal life and professional life, the counselling sessions are solution based rather than problem oriented. Further, these one to one sessions will help the client to view the present from a different perspective and to utilize a more functional understanding.

By becoming aware of these new understandings, there will be a change in the clients attitude, behaviour and thought patterns.