Aloha English Smart

English Smart


In today’s world, everyone recognizes the need for good communicative power in the English Language, which has become the lingua franca of the business and social world. Language for communication and interaction is the ability to use the right words in an appropriate language in a given situation. This means being exposed to various significant life situations and learning to communicate effectively in that context.

Aloha English Smart

English Smart has been specially designed by Dr.VASANTHI VASUDEV to develop confidence in both oral and written communication in various life related situations like

  • Speaking about oneself
  • Communicating with friends
  • Traveling, going to a bank
  • Attending an interview
  • Attending a party, etc.

Specifically speaking, English Smart uses life related fun based situations to develop

  • Fluency and confidence in oral communication
  • Versatility in written communication
  • Comfort with contextual vocabulary
  • Creativity in writing
  • Application of English Language skills to develop the intelligence

The program uses real life situations, pictures, reading comprehension, written exercises and listening comprehension, so that the child can speak and think in English fluently and effortlessly. The course has been designed using successful teaching methodologies practiced globally to teach children foreign languages.

ALOHA English Smart Program consists of 4 stages. They represent the child’s progress in the use of English Language skills from 'Self' to 'World'.

Aloha English Smart

Stage 1 – Personalization

'Me, Myself & I'

This stage aims at developing English skills for dealing with situations related to the self. Here, children are made to describe things that pertain to them- such as their hobbies, their ambitions, goals, a day of their life at home or school and so on.

Stage 2 – Socialization

‘My Immediate Society’

This stage aims at developing communication skills for dealing with situations related to the child’s immediate society. Here children are asked to communicate about their family, their friends, their neighbourhood, school, city and so on.

Stage 3 – Globalization

‘My World At Large’

This stage aims at developing the child’s English skills to understand and engage meaningfully with the world at large. In this stage, children are given exercises that stimulate them to communicate about their country, social drawbacks and so on.

Stage 4 – Intellectualization

'Ideas, Feelings, Thoughts'

The final stage of the program empowers the child to deal with the abstract world of ideas, feelings and thought.

ALOHA English Smart benefits:

Situation Smart

Being able to respond to and contribute to interactions in the English language in simple and important day to day situations.

Word Smart

Being able to understand the meaning of words, generally used in life situations and to be able to use them intelligently in oral and written communication.

Learning suitable vocabulary to deal with different life situations.

Speech Smart

Being able to express ideas and thoughts that are needed to deal with various life situations with confidence, speed and fluency.

Write Smart

Being able to write effectively and clearly; to communicate essential information in practical situations.

Creative Smart

Being able to use the English language; express various thoughts and emotions with comfort and style and to be sensitive to the aesthetic use of the language. Being able to think creatively, using the power of English.

Proficiency in English will result in improved mastery in the academic curriculum and therefore, naturally improved academic performance.

Course Information

The program spans 2 academic years with 4 stages, each lasting for about 5 months. Each month has working sessions of 6 hours, that is one and half hours working sessions per week.

The English Smart program is open to children with basic English knowledge, from the age group of 6 – 14.