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Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss?

Well, if you have this burning desire, then we have the skills, expertise, proven business model, well defined system and real time experience to help you create a successful business venture, starting from scratch.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. You may be a professional, a middle or senior manager or ageneral manager or even a fresh graduate.

The best part is that you don’t need huge sums of money or a degree from a prestigious university or experience in industry & commerce.

All you need to have is an open mind to learning, desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard, with business ethics and integrity.

Many people start business full of hopes and dreams, only to see them Crash and Burn, and these were intelligent, hard working and passionate individuals, many of them with business degrees.

Chairman Dr K Kumaran

So, why did they fail?

Well, simply because intelligence, passion and hard work alone are not enough to build a successful business.

If you look at statistics, only a small percentage of start-up businesses actually achieve success and that’s for a wide range of reasons. One way to increase your chances of success as a small business operator is to become a FRANCHISEE.

As an ALOHA Franchisee, you will benefit from being able to follow a proven system for success and can also take full advantage of the ALOHA brand name recognized for quality education worldwide. If you are willing to make the necessary financial investment, invest a lot of hard work, time and dedication in your business, and strictly follow the ALOHA Franchise system you choose to pursue, your chances of success increase dramatically. By becoming an ALOHA FRANCHISEE partner, you will be allowed to pursue your dreams, achieve financial independence and lead an extremely happy and rewarding position in life.

Launching a start up business takes a tremendous amount of Time, Knowledge, Capital and Business acumen. The business owner must simultaneously be able to handle a wide range of responsibilities and make many important decisions. Even for an experienced business person, owning and operating a business venture can be extremely risky. The fear of failure, inadequate capital and lack of core business knowledge often keep people from achieving their professional goals, especially when launching a successful business.

To eliminate fear, reduce the risk of failure and provide the training that entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their business, one of the best option is to operate a FRANCHISE. One of the benefits of operating a franchise is that most franchisees are provided with a proven road map with directions to operate the business, along with all the training needed to make the business successful.

What is a Franchise?

What is a Franchise

A franchise is a proven business model developed by the franchisor (the company that has created the business and is making it available to franchisees through franchising agreement), which allows the franchisee to utilize its established trademarks, proprietary business plan and methods of doing business in exchange for a recurring payment, which often involves a percentage of gross sales along with the franchisee fee. The franchisor will provide its franchisees with training, a proven business model, a well known and well established brand name, and a wide range of other tools and resources to help ensure success.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Business people with an entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Home makers and single mothers looking to break into the business world
  3. Retired people looking for a new source of income
  4. Married couples wanting more financial independence
  5. Working people looking to make a career change
  6. Recent graduates looking to launch their careers, and also be self-employed
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