Aloha Kids Art

Aloha Kids' Art

Art can not only imitate life…… it can define it

Founded by Mr.Zhou Guo Liang of China, Kids Art has been specially formulated to nurture creative intelligence and stimulate the imagination of children. The program is structured to encourage the child to observe, analyze and create through the medium of art. Educationists around the world have repeatedly stressed the importance of developing the cognitive abilities in children at an early age.

The "Kids Art" course curriculum is based on foundational drawing skills leading to the usage of a wide array of methods and art materials. Mr. Kumaran K, CMD, Aloha India avers ” Drawing is right brain activity but we teach our course in a novel left brain method which actuates holistic brain development in children”. The course evolves from drawing, sketching, colouring with crayons to creating water colours and paintings and more. Kids Art is a comprehensive educational module used as a powerful catalyst to enhance the all-round growth in intelligence and ability in children.

Aloha Kids Art

"Every child is an artist…" – Pablo Picasso

Every child has an innate creative ability, an ability that needs to be trained and developed.

Art as a visual medium offers all children an opportunity for self- expression: develops a pattern for growth; provides a means to experiment and explore the deep potential within and a means to display their understanding of the world around them.

Art not only fosters the imagination in children but also enables them to relate positively to their environment. It inculcates a sense of confidence and creativity. It greatly enhances their powers of observation and sharpens their intellect.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Kids Art has been carefully crafted to harness the creative abilities of every child in a systematic and disciplined manner. The shapes, colours, textures, drawings and paintings are means by which children learn to comprehend, evaluate and express.

It is the first step in the journey of learning that all children must embark.

The Course

Structured over 3 stages, Kids Art is offered to children between 3 and 14. The program has been adapted to suit the Indian environment. Children are taught to develop their creative abilities systematically.

The teaching methodology is scientifically designed to expand the learning faculties in a fun-filled manner. Each stage is spread across 1 year comprising of 4 terms. There are 12 lesson modules in each term. Classes are held once a week.

Stage 1

The initial stage for kindergarten kids (for children 3 – 5 years).

Use of wax crayons | recognition of shapes | introduction to art materials.

Introduction to drawing | dots & lines.

Stage 2

The intermediate stage for primary junior children (for children between 6-9 years).

Use of wax crayons (advanced) | recognition of shapes / objects.

Combination of shapes | figures | drawing | proportion & form | colouring.

Stage 3

The intermediate stage for primary senior children (for children between 10 – 12 years).

Use of wax crayons / water | colours / colour pencils | colour tones / shading.

Details on proportion & form | Drawing advanced | realism.